WHY: I am still learning. Every day. From everyone. From everywhere.

FOR: I author this blog as a venue for growth in learning, professional reflections, and as a hub for my collegial connections.

ABOUT: I am now the Director of Curriculum for one of the most amazing school districts in Missouri. I come from a crazily varied personal and educational background. I am passionate about what I do not matter what it is, so I choose carefully. I choose my God first, my family second, and education third. There is more, but I like three.

Personal About: I was born near Sacramento, CA. My mom was and is my hero and is still a lifeline for me. She married and traveled with my Air Force dad (who is step but who cares) and we traveled my whole life and lived in way cool places: California, Germany, Greece, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Japan, Germany (again), and Missouri.

I am married to Kurt Westfall, an Air Force pilot, who is my world.  We have two amazing sons.  They are both amazing men who bring us joy daily.  Kurt and I spend every day making certain we are authentic in our endeavors and work hard to make a difference in the world and be in God’s will.

This blog is a history of that authentic journey.

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