Reflecting on Excellence

Excellence is a process that should occupy all of our days.                ~Ted Engstrom

Week 17 in Review

Last week was amazing.  From our job-embedded learning together to our pep assembly and finishing with our amazing faculty lunch, I found myself thinking about how very fortunate I am to work at Benton High School.  Every day is new and exciting.  Granted, there were days in the last year that seemed to never end, but not once did it steal my joy for work.  It’s my Christmas wish for you that you have the joy of feeling the same.

Week 18 – A Look Ahead

This is going to be a short and exciting week.  Monday is the last day the library is open so that we can clear it out to stage our laptop roll out.  Tuesday, hoping the snow holds off, we expect the arrival of the devices.  We will also have an exciting Christmas Pep Assembly at 2:10.  Wednesday, we will have 15-16 classrooms worth of furniture delivered (to be assembled) to the cafeteria.  And just to keep things hopping, we have finals on Wednesday and Thursday.  Don’t forget to send your finals for absent students to the office.  Those tests will be administered on January 5-6 through the office.

 And for all of you, we wish you a blessed holiday season.  It’s been a great first half of the school year.  I think more than anything, we have grown closer as a family.  It made my heart soar when the varsity basketball boys shared with me the fact that they say “family” in their team shout right before they play.  The spirit of the season resonates daily for me when I think of you all – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Excellence is a journey not a destination. ~

Photos found in CC on Flikr:  Sugar Plum Snowflake by CaptPiper ;Star of Wonder by c.a.muller; blizzard bird the Christmas card by Steve took it

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