Still I am Learning!

Novus casus.  A new adventure.  I realized this week that I am at the dawn of new learning.  The new adventure will begin at MindFuelED in Palm Springs, CA with my dear friends Kara Vandas and Ashley Duvall, where we will come together with educators from around the world to focus on learner agency.

The new adventure will include a session in the conference where we present examples and ideas from our book, Learner Agency: A Field Guide for Taking Flight, which will launch at the conference.  I am actually super excited to write my next blog (this is just as much a statement for me as a hook for any reader) and share our book cover (it’s super cool – thank you to Mimi & Todd Press and the design team) as well as insights to the purpose of our field guide sharing examples and ideas for growing agency in schools.   Our book will have a digital landing page, so I am excited to include that in a future post as well.

More than anything, I wanted to take this moment to thank all my friends and family for their part in this new adventure.  As the sun sets on my time working in Liberty Public Schools, I know the past 10 years with LPS has been something I will always value and never forget.  It is the foundation for the learning shared in our book.

And now – for the new adventure.  I am excited for the people who will contribute to the next chapters, the next flight, and the next stories in my journey of learning. Because it really is ANCORA IMPARO.  Still I am learning.