Blog Migration: Westfall 1.2

This is where I used to live in the blogsphere.  I originally created the site about 15 months ago for the Benton High School staff to interact with the administration.  It worked for an information delivery system of sorts.  There was very little interaction, albeit some, with staff members.  I would say it wasn’t a bad 1.0 experience.  I am ready to move on.

Our staff has had amazing success in transforming the world of professional development with this website.  We have increased staff interactions by dropping walls and workdays in a phenomenal way.  “VSS,” as it is fondly referred to, has taken over the need for the Cardinal Connections blog and has been instrumental in flattening decision-making and building operations in a way I could never have imagined.

Michaelangelo:  “Still, I am learning.”

At 87 years old, the master wrote the words Ancora Imparo on a sketch he was working.  He embraced learning during his entire life.  He was a model of genius for all learners.

With that need met for our staff, I have decided to create “Ancora Imparo” to fulfill my need to grow, learn and share my thinking with any educators who might desire to collaborate with a teacher-leader learner.

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