New (School) Year Resolutions 2010-2011

resolutionsAs a principal,  my “new” school year starts at various points in the spring, but officially and contractually  it starts on July 1st.  So…this year I am going to have new year’s resolutions at this point in my life.

Somehow, it makes sense.

I love how, for the last three years of my professional life, I have been able to attend a rejuvenating technology in education conference – ISTE – that really revivifies me.  The timing of the conference is perfect – right before my “new year.”

This year, conference learning has already made me want to make new school year resolutions.  Here they are (I may have to go back later to update or deepen (remember, Ancora Imparo):

  1. Blog more; blog authentically; blog to learn from others
  2. Grow my PLN.
  3. Grow my f2f relationships and center on growing each other
  4. Lead so that others are enthusiastic to follow – especially as 21st Century learners
  5. Grow leaders (which in turn grow me)

I really only want five resolutions so that I can really keep them, but I have one more – this one is a biggie for me, and one that Scott McLeod always puts in my ear not matter where I find him (online or at the Blogger’s Café):

*Embrace my own technology leadership and do something instrumental to empower our learners for their own success.

I think I will reflect on this post regularly if not for anyone else at least for me to monitor my own progress.  If I am fortunate enough to be sitting at ISTE 2011 in Philly next year – I hope to be happy with my progress and to be able to say I made a difference.

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2 thoughts on “New (School) Year Resolutions 2010-2011

  1. Great resolutions – could prompt some other school leaders to set their sights on similar goals in their own district.

  2. Thanks Jason! My very own Asst Principal @lukemccoy text messaged the same exact thing this morning. I appreciate learning together so feel free to collaborate with us any time! Looking forward to it! ~j

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