The Excellence of the Season

“The noblest search is the search for excellence.”                                              ~Lyndon B. Johnson

Week 14.5 in Review

I am thankful to live in the 21st Century.  As  Kurt and I traveled the highways across four states to reach our boys for the holidays, I can honestly say I was so grateful for the growing ability to navigate technology.  Never again will I have to spend time trying to fold paper maps.  There goes that occupation, eh?  From using digital tools to research the history of a town you pass through to finding the best Mexican food restaurant in Dallas, I am in awe of how different the world is because of the tools we have available to us today to learn. And I am thankful of the quality of life it offers us despite how little we use it to its potential.

Week 15 – A Look Ahead

Looking into our near future, I hope you are all ready to tap into the potential of Benton High School going one to one (one laptop for every student to take home).  In case you didn’t remember, January 3rd is our D-day (Delivery day).  This week, Tuesday (11/29) for RED and Wednesday (11/30) for WHITE, during our department meetings, we will be talking to each department about your roll-out readiness as well as giving an overview of the roll-out plans. We will be meeting in the library for all meetings, so be there as soon as possible after the bell.  Additionally, we will be migrating your data teams work to be fully accessible on-line. If you haven’t already, make sure all your data is available digitally.  We have a full agenda planned.  Our laptop deployment is almost here. It’s going to be an exciting time for all of us.

And with the powerful event of our laptop rollout upcoming, I am reminded of how special time is when it leads up to such a momentous occasion.  Like every day in December before Christmas when you were a child – the anticipation and excitement of the moment was often as precious as the moment itself.  We have so many significant moments in our near future – the adrenaline-racing opening games/matches of our winter sports season, our new and exciting staff Christmas party, the rapidly approaching semester finale, the much-cherished winter vacation, and the ever-anticipated laptop deployment. It is so much to pack into the next five weeks.  Yet even with all that on your minds do not allow even this month to go by without relishing every moment with staff, students and family.  Make every moment matter.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to be friendly.  Choose to get excited about the simple joys we experience daily.

We work in an excellent school with great people all around us.  Our students are really fun, even in the challenging moments, and provide a reason for us to make a difference in the world every day we go to work.  This is the season of sparkly things.  Take a moment to glitter; in so many ways, you offer so many gifts to our students.  Take the time to enjoy the excellence of the season.

~ Excellence is a journey not a destination. ~

All photos are CC from Flikr:  “Into Every Life, A Little Bokeh Must Fall” by Pink Sherbet Photography;“Sparkly” by ladybugbkt; “Colour Mix” by Mrs eNil; “It’s Christmas by Rebecca Gowen.

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